Psalm 78:52-62 NIV

52 But he brought his people out like a flock;1 he led them like sheep through the desert.

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53 He guided them safely, so they were unafraid; but the sea engulfed2 their enemies.3

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54 Thus he brought them to the border of his holy land, to the hill country his right hand4 had taken.

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55 He drove out nations5 before them and allotted their lands to them as an inheritance;6 he settled the tribes of Israel in their homes.

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56 But they put God to the test and rebelled against the Most High; they did not keep his statutes.
57 Like their fathers7 they were disloyal and faithless, as unreliable as a faulty bow.8

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58 They angered him9 with their high places;10 they aroused his jealousy with their idols.11

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59 When God heard12 them, he was very angry;13 he rejected Israel14 completely.

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60 He abandoned the tabernacle of Shiloh,15 the tent he had set up among men.16

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61 He sent [the ark of] his might17 into captivity,18 his splendor into the hands of the enemy.

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62 He gave his people over to the sword;19 he was very angry with his inheritance.20

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