1 Chronicles 6:44-54 RSV

44 On the left hand were their brethren the sons of Merar'i: Ethan the son of Kishi, son of Abdi, son of Malluch,
45 son of Hashabi'ah, son of Amazi'ah, son of Hilki'ah,
46 son of Amzi, son of Bani, son of Shemer,
47 son of Mahli, son of Mushi, son of Merar'i, son of Levi;
48 and their brethren the Levites were appointed for all the service of the tabernacle of the house of God.
49 But Aaron and his sons made offerings upon the altar of burnt offering and upon the altar of incense for all the work of the most holy place, and to make atonement for Israel, according to all that Moses the servant of God had commanded.
50 These are the sons of Aaron: Elea'zar his son, Phin'ehas his son, Abishu'a his son,
51 Bukki his son, Uzzi his son, Zerahi'ah his son,
52 Merai'oth his son, Amari'ah his son, Ahi'tub his son,
53 Zadok his son, Ahim'a-az his son.
54 These are their dwelling places according to their settlements within their borders: to the sons of Aaron of the families of Ko'hathites, for theirs was the lot,