Exodus 39:38-43 RSV

38 the golden altar, the anointing oil and the fragrant incense, and the screen for the door of the tent;
39 the bronze altar, and its grating of bronze, its poles, and all its utensils; the laver and its base;
40 the hangings of the court, its pillars, and its bases, and the screen for the gate of the court, its cords, and its pegs; and all the utensils for the service of the tabernacle, for the tent of meeting;
41 the finely worked garments for ministering in the holy place, the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments of his sons to serve as priests.
42 According to all that the LORD had commanded Moses, so the people of Israel had done all the work.
43 And Moses saw all the work, and behold, they had done it; as the LORD had commanded, so had they done it. And Moses blessed them.