Ruth 3:13-18 NIV

13 Stay here for the night, and in the morning if he wants to redeem,1 good; let him redeem. But if he is not willing, as surely as the LORD lives2 I will do it.3 Lie here until morning."

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14 So she lay at his feet until morning, but got up before anyone could be recognized; and he said, "Don't let it be known that a woman came to the threshing floor.4"5

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15 He also said, "Bring me the shawl6 you are wearing and hold it out." When she did so, he poured into it six measures of barley and put it on her. Then hea went back to town.

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    • b 3:15 - Most Hebrew manuscripts; many Hebrew manuscripts, Vulgate and Syriac "she"
      16 When Ruth came to her mother-in-law, Naomi asked, "How did it go, my daughter?" Then she told her everything Boaz had done for her
      17 and added, "He gave me these six measures of barley, saying, 'Don't go back to your mother-in-law empty-handed.' "
      18 Then Naomi said, "Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today."7

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