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  • "Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things...(Luke 10: 41). In the case of Mary and Martha, Mary certainly "got it."

  • I don't know about you but I struggle sometimes with having to choose to either sit at Jesus' feet or do His work. At the time, both seem to be just as important. Both seem to be good. Personally, for most of my life I have been a Martha.

  • Mary, sister of Martha is one of my favorite women in the Bible. She loved Jesus so much as He loves her. She loved him by showing it. Do you remember Mary? She's the woman who sat a Jesus' feet to hear Him teach while her sister Martha complained about doing all the work.

  • Jesus loved Lazarus, just like He loves us. Lazarus must have been teachable, a good listener and also a good friend to Jesus. Lazarus showed by his actions how much he loved Jesus, too. Are you showing Jesus how much you love him by your actions, attitude and obedience?

  • This book is about evangelism and discipleship, but on an even deeper level it is about the presence of God in the life of the believer.

  • The shortest verse in the English Bible is John 11:35: “Jesus wept.” But for all its grammatical simplicity, it’s packed with unfathomable complexity.

  • Listening, in and of itself, may seem to be a simple act, but it does takes practice. Why should we become quick to listen? Three reasons stand out to me—understanding, learning, and remembering.

  • Wendy Wright, in her book of reflections on "keeping watch in the season of Christ's coming," suggests, "Of all the types of waiting, the waiting of pregnancy is most like the waiting that we do during Advent."

  • Even Christians are finding themselves suckered into wondering what's behind Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. Prison Fellowship president Mark Earley says this secret is nothing more than the world's first lie.

  • Anne Eggebroten said, "Hard to believe, but some churches are still teaching about male headship." Hard to believe? It can hardly be surprising to anyone with the slightest attachment to evangelical Christianity.

  • People simply cannot believe that a woman could have been a close friend to Jesus. But I believe this is what Mary Magdalene had with him: a very deep and special friendship, a friendship that I can only try to achieve not only with Jesus but with others using him as my example.

  • The world today says, "It's impossible for Jesus to have risen from the dead." But Peter said, "It's impossible for Jesus not to have risen from the dead!"

  • The whole goal of a Titus 2 woman is to train younger women in Biblical, simple-to-measure, Spirit-empowered, love-based living. Here are the 6 characteristics.

  • Jesus is the true focus of our studies here in Mark’s Gospel, which now turns toward simultaneously the most wicked and most holy ground we’ve come to: the suffering, death, and resurrection of the Son of God.

  • Titus 2:1-13

  • Zacchaeus, was another person who had a bunch of junk in his life. The town did not like him for the kind of work he did. But like myself, I believe he had one foot in the world and one foot in Christ. And he needed one step (up a tree) to cross the line where he, too, would know his purpose.