Genesis 40:1-6 TMB

1 And it came to pass after these things, that the butler of the king of Egypt and his baker had offended their lord the king of Egypt.
2 And Pharaoh was wroth against two of his officers--against the chief of the butlers and against the chief of the bakers.
3 And he put them under guard in the house of the captain of the guard, into the prison, the place where Joseph was bound.
4 And the captain of the guard charged Joseph with them, and he served them; and they continued a season under guard.
5 And they dreamed a dream both of them, each man his dream in one night, each man according to the interpretation of his dream, the butler and the baker of the king of Egypt, who were bound in the prison.
6 And Joseph came in unto them in the morning and looked upon them, and behold, they were sad.