1 John 3:1-7 TYN

1 Beholde what love the father hath shewed on vs that we shuld be called the sonnes of god. For this cause the worlde knoweth you not because it knoweth not him.
2 Derely beloved now are we ye sonnes of God and yet it dothe not appere what we shal be. But we knowe that when it shall appere we shal be lyke him. For we shall se him as he is.
3 And every man that hath thys hope in him pourgeth him silfe even as he ys pure.
4 Whosover committeth synne committeth vnrighteousnes also for synne is vnrighteousnes.
5 And ye knowe that he appered to take awaye oure synnes and in him is no synne.
6 As many as byde in him synne not: whosoever synneth hath not sene him nether hath knowen him.
7 Babes let no man deceave you He that doeth righteousnes is righteous even as he is righteous.