1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 TYN

1 Of the tymes and seasons brethren ye have no nede that I write vnto you:
2 for ye youre selves knowe parfectly that the daye of the Lorde shall come even as a thefe in the nyght.
3 When they shall saye peace and no daunger than commeth on the soden destruccion as the travalynge of a woma with childe and they shall not scape.
4 But ye brethre are not in darcknes that yt daye shuld come on you as it were a thefe.
5 Ye are all the childre of light and the children of ye daye. We are not of ye nyght nether of darcknes.
6 Therfore let vs not slepe as do other: but let vs watch and be sober.