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Acts 4:1-6 (Tyndale)

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1 As they spake vnto the people the prestes and the rular of the teple and the Saduces came vpon them 2 takynge it grevously that they taught ye pople and preached in Iesus the resurreccion fro deeth. 3 And they layde hondes on them and put them in holde vntill the nexte daye: for it was now even tyde. 4 How be it many of them which hearde the wordes beleved and the noumbre of the men was aboute fyve thousande. 5 And it chaunsed on the morowe that their rulars and elders and Scribes 6 as Annas the chefe Prest and Cayphas and Iohn and Alexander and as many as were of ye kynred of the hye prestes gadered to geder at Ierusalem
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