Exodus 32:1-6 TYN

1 And when the people sawe that it was loge or Moses came doune out of the mountayne, they gathered them selues together ad came vnto Aaron and sayde vnto him: Vp ad make vs a god to goo before vs: for of this Moses the felowe that brought vs out of the londe off Egipte, we wote not what ys become.
2 And Aaron saide vnto them: plucke of the golden earynges which are in the eares of youre wyues, youre sonnes ad of youre doughters: and brynge them vnto me.
3 And all the people plucked of the golden earinges that were in their eares, and broughte them vnto Aaron
4 And he receaued them of their handes and facyoned it with a grauer and made it a calfe of molten metall. And they sayde: This is thi god O Israel, whiche brought the out of the londe of Egipte.
5 And when Aaron sawe that, he made an altare before it, and made a proclamacion saing tomorow shalbe holy daye vnto the Lorde.
6 And they rose vp in the mornynge and offred burntoffrynges, and brought offrynges of attonement also. And than they satt them doune to eate and drynke, and rose vpp agayne to playe.