Genesis 41:1-6 TYN

1 And it fortuned at .ij. yeres end that Pharao dreamed and thought that he stode by a ryuers syde and that there came out of the ryver
2 .vij. goodly kyne and fatt fleshed and fedd in a medowe.
3 And him though that .vij. other kyne came vp after them out of the ryver euelfauored and leane fleshed and stode by the other vpon the brynke of the ryuer.
4 And the evill favored and Ienefleshed kyne ate vp the .vij. welfauored and fatt kyne: and be awoke their with.
5 And he slepte agayne and dreamed the second tyme that .vij. eares of corne grewe apon one stalke rancke and goodly.
6 And that .vij. thynne eares blasted with the wynde spronge vp after them: