Luke 6:22-32 TYN

22 Blessed are ye when men hate you and thrust you oute of their companye and rayle and abhorre youre name as an evyll thinge for the sonne of manes sake.
23 Reioyse ye then and be gladde: for beholde youre rewarde is greate in heven. After this manner their fathers entreated the Prophetes.
24 But wo be to you that are ryche: for ye have therin youre consolacion.
25 Wo be to you yt are full: for ye shall honger. Wo be to you that now laugh: for ye shall wayle and wepe.
26 Wo be to you when all men prayse you: for so dyd their fathers to the false prophetes.
27 But I saye vnto you which heare: Love youre enemyes. Do good to the which hate you.
28 Blesse the that course you. And praye for the which wrongfully trouble you.
29 And vnto him that smyteth the on the one cheke offer also ye other. And him that taketh awaye thy goune forbid not to take thy coote also.
30 Geve to every man that axeth of the. And of him that taketh awaye thy goodes axe them not agayne.
31 And as ye wolde that men shuld doo to you: so do ye to them lyke wyse.
32 If ye love the which love you: what thanke are ye worthy of? For the very synners love their lovers.