Luke 23:1-6 WNT

1 Then the whole assembly rose and brought Him to Pilate, and began to accuse Him.
2 "We have found this man," they said, "an agitator among our nation, forbidding the payment of tribute to Caesar, and claiming to be himself an anointed king."
3 Then Pilate asked Him, "You, then, are the King of the Jews?" "It is as you say," He replied.
4 Pilate said to the High Priests and to the crowd, "I can find no crime in this man.
5 But they violently insisted. "He stirs up the people," they said, "throughout all Judaea with His teaching--even from Galilee (where He first started) to this city."
6 On hearing this, Pilate inquired, "Is this man a Galilaean?"