23 "For this reason the Kingdom of the Heavens may be compared to a king who determined to have a settlement of accounts with his servants.
24 But as soon as he began the settlement, one was brought before him who owed 10,000 talents,
25 and was unable to pay. So his master ordered that he and his wife and children and everything that he had should be sold, and payment be made.
26 The servant therefore falling down, prostrated himself at his feet and entreated him. "`Only give me time,' he said, `and I will pay you the whole.'
27 "Whereupon his master, touched with compassion, set him free and forgave him the debt.
28 But no sooner had that servant gone out, than he met with one of his fellow servants who owed him 100 shillings; and seizing him by the throat and nearly strangling him he exclaimed, "`Pay me all you owe.'
29 "His fellow servant therefore fell at his feet and entreated him, "`Only give me time,' he said, `and I will pay you.'
30 "He would not, however, but went and threw him into prison until he should pay what was due.
31 His fellow servants, therefore, seeing what had happened, were exceedingly angry; and they came and told their master without reserve all that had happened.
32 At once his master called him and said, "`Wicked servant, I forgave you all that debt, because you entreated me:
33 ought not you also to have had pity on your fellow servant, just as I had pity on you?'