1 Timothy 6:7-17 WYC

7 For we brought in nothing into this world, and no doubt, that we be not able to bear any thing away. [Forsooth we brought nothing into this world, no doubt, for we may not bear away any thing.]
8 But we having foods, and with what things we shall be covered, be we satisfied with these things. [Forsooth having foods, and with what things we shall be clothed, with these things be we satisfied.]
9 For they that will be made rich, fall into temptation, and into the snare of the devil, and into many unprofitable desires and harmful, which drown men into death and perdition.
10 For the root of all evils is covetousness, which some men coveting erred from the faith, and besetted them(selves) with many sorrows [and beset them with many sorrows].
11 But, thou, man of God, flee these things; but follow thou rightwiseness [soothly follow thou rightwiseness], piety, faith, charity, patience, mildness.
12 Strive thou a good strife of faith, catch everlasting life, into which thou art called, and hast acknowledged a good acknowledging before many witnesses.
13 I command to thee before God, that quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, that yielded a witnessing under Pilate of Pontii, a good confession,
14 that thou keep the commandment without wem, without reproof [irreprehensible], [till] into the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ;
15 whom the blessed and alone almighty king of kings and Lord of lords shall show in his times.
16 Which alone hath undeadliness [The which alone hath immortality], and dwelleth in light, to which light no man may come; whom no man saw, neither may see; to whom glory, and honour, and empire be without end [to whom glory, and honour, and empire into without end]. Amen.
17 Command thou to the rich men of this world, that they understand not highly, neither that they hope in uncertainty of riches [+Command thou to the rich of this world, that they understand not highly, or proudly, nor to hope in uncertainty of riches], but in the living God, that giveth to us all things plenteously to use;