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2 Samuel 13:16-26 (Wycliffe)

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16 And she answered to him, This evil is more which thou doest now against me, and puttest me out, than that, that thou didest before. And he would not hear her; (And she answered to him, This evil which thou now doest against me, by putting me out, is worse, than what thou didest before. But he would not listen to her;) 17 but when the servant was called, that ministered to him (who served him), he said, Put thou out this woman from me, and close thou the door after her. 18 And she was clothed with a coat down to the heel; for the king's daughters (who were) virgins used such clothes. Then the servant of Amnon put her out, and closed the door after her. 19 And she sprinkled ashes (on)to her head, and when her long coat was rent, and her hands put on her head, she went entering [in] and crying. 20 And Absalom, her brother, said to her, Whether Amnon, thy brother, hath lain with thee? But now, sister, be still; he is thy brother, and torment thou not thine heart for this thing. Therefore Tamar dwelled mourning in the house of Absalom, her brother (And so Tamar stayed in the house of her brother Absalom, and mourned her state). 21 Forsooth when king David had heard these words, he was full sorry, and he would not make sore the spirit of Amnon, his son (And when King David heard about this, he was very upset, but he would not punish his son Amnon); for he loved Amnon, for he was his first begotten son. 22 And Absalom spake not to Amnon, neither evil nor good; for Absalom hated Amnon, for he had defouled Tamar, his sister (for he had defiled his sister Tamar). 23 And it was done after the time of two years, that the sheep of Absalom were shorn in Baalhazor, which is beside Ephraim. And Absalom called all the sons of the king (And Absalom invited all the king's sons to be there). 24 And he came to the king, and said to him, Lo! the sheep of thy servant be shorn; I pray (thee), come the king with his servants to his servant. 25 And the king said to Absalom, Do not thou, my son, do not thou pray, that all we come, and charge thee. And when he constrained David, and he would not go, he blessed Absalom. (And the king said to Absalom, Do not thou, my son, do not thou pray, that we all come, and be a burden to thee. And when Absalom pressed David, he still would not go, but he blessed Absalom.) 26 And Absalom said to David, If thou wilt not come, I beseech thee, come namely Amnon, my brother, with us (And Absalom said to David, If thou wilt not come, I beseech thee, then let my brother Amnon come with us). And the king said to him, It is no need, that he go with thee.
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