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Isaiah 43:16-19 (Wycliffe)

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16 The Lord saith these things, that gave [a] way in the sea, and a path in running waters; 17 which led out a cart, and horse, a company, and (a) strong man; they slept together, neither they shall rise again; they be all-broken as flax, and be quenched (like a wick). (who led out chariots, and horses, yea, a company of strong men; they all sleep now, or be dead, and they shall never rise again; they be all-broken like flax, and be quenched, or snuffed out, like a wick.) 18 Think ye not on the former things, and behold ye not (on the) old things. 19 Lo! I make new things, and now those shall begin to be made; soothly ye shall know them. I shall set [a] way in (the) desert, and floods in a land without (a) way.
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