Luke 23:20-30 WYC

20 And again Pilate spake to them, and would deliver Jesus. [Forsooth again Pilate spake to them, willing to deliver Jesus.]
21 And they cried out, and said [And they under-cried, saying], Crucify, crucify him
22 And the third time he said to them, For what evil hath he done [Soothly what of evil hath he done]? I find no cause of death in him; therefore I shall chastise him, and shall deliver him [and I shall deliver].
23 And they continued with great voices asking [And they continued asking with great voices], that he should be crucified; and the voices of them waxed strong.
24 And Pilate deemed their asking to be done.
25 And he delivered to them him, that for manslaying and sedition was sent into prison, whom they asked; but he betook Jesus to their will.
26 And when they led him, they took a man, Simon of Cyrene, coming from the town, and they laid on him the cross to bear after Jesus.
27 And there followed him much people [Soothly there followed him much company of people], and [of] women that bewailed, and bemourned him.
28 And Jesus turned to them, and said, Daughters of Jerusalem, do not ye weep on me, but weep ye on yourselves and on your sons.
29 For lo! days shall come, in which it shall be said, Blessed be barren women, and [the] wombs that have not born children, and the teats that have not given suck. [+For lo! days shall come, in which it shall be said, Blessed barren, and the wombs that have not gendered, and the teats which have not given suck.]
30 Then they shall begin to say to mountains, Fall ye down on us, and to small hills, Cover ye us.