Numbers 21:9-19 WYC

9 Therefore Moses made a serpent of brass, and setted (it) in a perch; and (those) men (who were) hurt, and beholding it, were healed. (And so Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it up on a pole; and those who were bitten, and looked at it, were healed.)
10 And the sons of Israel went forth, and setted tents in Oboth; (And the Israelites went forth, and pitched their tents at Oboth;)
11 from whence they went forth, and setted tents in Iyeabarim, in the wilderness that beholdeth Moab, against the east coast. (and they went forth from there, and pitched their tents in Iyeabarim, in the wilderness on Moab's eastern border.)
12 And they moved from thence, and came to the strand of Zared; (And they went from there, and came to the valley of the Zared River;)
13 which they left, and setted tents against (the) Arnon, which is in the desert, and it appeareth in the coasts of Amorites. Forsooth (the) Arnon is the term of Moab, and parteth Moabites and Amorites. (and they left there, and pitched their tents on the north side of the Arnon River, which is in the wilderness, that goeth into the land of the Amorites. The Arnon River is the border of Moab, and it separateth the Moabites and the Amorites.)
14 Wherefore it is said in the book of battles of the Lord, As he did in the Red Sea, so he shall do in the strands of (the) Arnon; (And so it is said in the Book of the Battles of the Lord, As he did at the Red Sea, so he also did at the Arnon River,)
15 the hard rocks of the strands were bowed down, that they shall rest in Ar, or abide there, and should lie in the coasts of Moabites. (and from the cliffs of the river, down to the city of Ar, that sitteth on the border of Moab.)
16 From that place (they went to where) the well appeared, of which the Lord spake to Moses, Gather thou together the people, and I shall give water to it. (From there they went to Beer, that is, The Well, of which the Lord spoke to Moses, and said, Gather thou the people together, and I shall give them water.)
17 Then Israel sang this song, The water of the well, ascend up; they sang together, (Then Israel sang this song, Go ye up, water of the well; yea, we sing to thee,)
18 The well which the princes digged, and the dukes of the multitude made ready, in the giver of the law, and in their staves (The well from the Giver of the Law, which the leaders dug, yea, which the leaders of the multitude brought forth with their staffs). And (then) they went forth from the wilderness to Mattanah,
19 from Mattanah to Nahaliel, from Nahaliel into Bamoth;