Proverbs 16:1-6 WYC

1 It pertaineth to man to make ready the soul; and it pertaineth to the Lord to govern the tongue. (Each person must prepare their own soul, or their own life; but it is God who governeth their tongue, or telleth them what to say.)
2 All the ways of men be open to the eyes of God (All the ways of people be before God); the Lord is a weigher of spirits, that is, of wills, yielding to man after his deservings.
3 Show thy works to the Lord; and thy thoughts shall be (ad)dressed. (Commit thy plans to the Lord; and they shall succeed.)
4 The Lord wrought all things for himself; and he made ready a wicked man to the evil day. (The Lord made everything for its own purpose; and he made the wicked for the day of evil.)
5 Abomination of the Lord is each proud man (Each proud person is an abomination to the Lord); yea, though the hand is to the hand, he shall not be innocent. The beginning of [the] good way is to do rightwiseness; forsooth it is more acceptable with God, than to offer sacrifices.
6 Wickedness is again-bought by mercy and truth; and men boweth away from evil by the dread of the Lord. (Wickedness is redeemed by love and faithfulness; and people can turn away from evil by the fear of the Lord/through reverence for the Lord.)