Luke 1:62-72 YLT

62 and they were making signs to his father, what he would wish him to be called,
63 and having asked for a tablet, he wrote, saying, `John is his name;' and they did all wonder;
64 and his mouth was opened presently, and his tongue, and he was speaking, praising God.
65 And fear came upon all those dwelling around them, and in all the hill-country of Judea were all these sayings spoken of,
66 and all who heard did lay them up in their hearts, saying, `What then shall this child be?' and the hand of the Lord was with him.
67 And Zacharias his father was filled with the Holy Spirit, and did prophesy, saying,
68 `Blessed [is] the Lord, the God of Israel, Because He did look upon, And wrought redemption for His people,
69 And did raise an horn of salvation to us, In the house of David His servant,
70 As He spake by the mouth of His holy prophets, Which have been from the age;
71 Salvation from our enemies, And out of the hand of all hating us,
72 To do kindness with our fathers, And to be mindful of His holy covenant,