Mark 15:3-13

3 And the chief priests said a number of things against him.
4 And Pilate again put a question, Do you say nothing in answer? see how much evil they say you have done.
5 But Jesus gave no more answers, so that Pilate was full of wonder.
6 Now at the feast every year he let one prisoner go free at their request.
7 And there was one named Barabbas, in prison with those who had gone against the government and in the fight had taken life.
8 And the people went up, requesting him to do as he had done for them in other years.
9 And Pilate said in answer to them, Is it your desire that I let the King of the Jews go free?
10 For he saw that the chief priests had given him up through envy.
11 But the people were moved by the chief priests to make him let Barabbas go free.
12 And Pilate again said in answer to them, What then am I to do to him to whom you give the name of the King of the Jews?
13 And they said again loudly, To the cross with him!
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