If you'd ever like to explore a topic throughout the Bible, the simplest way is by using a concordance, which is essentially a collection of all the verses related to a specific topic. Think of it like a Bible GPS. On our site, we have a handful of concordances to help you in your study.

So, for example, if you're looking for verses about thanksgiving, you could zip over to Torrey's New Topical Textbook ("topical" usually means you're dealing with a concordance). Click "T" from the alphabetical index at the top, and then click "Thanksgiving." (Tip: You could just type "thanksgiving" in our search box, which cuts out all these steps.)

From there, you'll see how the concept is used in the Bible. Like this:

Thanksgiving [n]

Christ set an example of

Matthew 11:25 ; Matthew 26:27 ; John 6:11 ; John 11:41

The heavenly host engaged in

Revelation 4:9 ; Revelation 7:11 Revelation 7:12 ; Revelation 11:16 Revelation 11:17


Psalms 50:14 ; Philippians 4:6

Is a good thing

Psalms 92:1

And that's just the warmup. You'll find much more where that came from.