People's names in the Bible often relate rather closely to their life, role, or responsibility. Here's a sampling to show you what we mean:

Azariah: he who hears the Lord (just as the prophet did in 2 Chronicles 15)

Nabal: fool; senseless (which fits this witless man in 1 Samuel 25)

David: beloved (a perfect match for God's chosen king)

Lazarus: assistance of God (and he certainly got some assistance in John 11)

Leah: weary; tired (which is how she likely felt from being loved less than her sister in Genesis 29)

Titus: pleasing (and an encouraging sight to Paul in 2 Corinthians 7)

What else? Well, head over to Hitchcock's Bible Name Dictionary in our library. There you'll find a list of hundreds of names and meanings.