Who runs BibleStudyTools.com? What do we believe? And how do we pick what's included on the site?

BibleStudyTools.com is a part of the Salem Web Network, a for-profit company that manages a number of Christian websites. Some that you may know are Crosswalk.com, OnePlace.com, Christianity.com, and Jesus.org. That means we're not owned or operated by a particular church, ministry, or denomination. However, we are committed to the historic tenets of the apostles' creed. Those of us who work here come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of us are committed to sharing the gospel and the truth of Scripture. (We're Bible geeks who love what we do.)

As for the study materials, we are very careful about what we chose to feature on the site. The reference materials are on here because they are faithful to the Bible and have stood the test of time (John Gill and Matthew Henry, for example) or because they are relevant to historical studies (e.g., Josephus). Newer material comes from biblically faithful publishers who agree to let us post content or trusted Christian writers and bloggers who agree to let us repost their articles on our site. Rest assured, however, that each article or post is carefully reviewed.

We're certainly not perfect. But our goal is to carefully and faithfully help people around the world study God's Word.