Isaiah 5:8-24

Sayings of doom

8 Doom to those who acquire house after house, who annex field to field until there is no more space left and only you live alone in the land.
9 I heard the LORD of heavenly forces say this: Many houses will become total ruins, large, fine houses, with no one living in them.
10 Ten acres of vineyard will produce just one bath, and a homer of seed will produce only an ephah.
11 Doom to those who wake up early in the morning to run after beer, to those who stay up late, lit up by wine.
12 They party with lyre and harp, tambourine, flute, and wine; but they ignore the LORD's work; they can't see what God is doing.
13 Therefore, my people go into exile since they didn't understand— their officials are dying of hunger; so many of them are dried up with thirst.
14 Therefore, the grave opens wide its jaws, opens its mouth beyond all bounds, and the splendid multitudes will go down, with all their uproar and cheering.
15 Humanity will be humiliated; each person laid low, the eyes of the exalted laid low.
16 But the LORD of heavenly forces will be exalted in justice, and the holy God will show himself holy in righteousness.
17 Lambs will graze as if in their pasture; young goats will feed among the ruins of the rich.
18 Doom to those who drag guilt along with cords of fraud, and haul sin as if with cart ropes,
19 who say, "God should hurry and work faster so we can see; let the plan of Israel's holy one come quickly, so we can understand it."
20 Doom to those who call evil good and good evil, who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who make bitterness sweet and sweetness bitter.
21 Doom to those who consider themselves wise, who think of themselves as clever.
22 Doom to the wine-swigging warriors, mighty at mixing drinks,
23 who spare the guilty for bribes, and rob the innocent of their rights.
24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire devours stubble, and as hay shrivels in a flame, so their roots will rot, and their blossoms turn to dust, for they have rejected the teaching of the LORD of heavenly forces, and have despised the word of Israel's holy one.
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