Jeremiah 5:1-9

Futile search for a good person

1 Search every street in Jerusalem, comb the squares, look far and wide for one person, even one who acts justly and seeks truth that I may pardon her!
2 Even when making a pledge—"As the LORD lives"— they swear falsely.
3 LORD, don't you look for integrity? You have struck them down, but they didn't even cringe. You have crushed them, but they have ignored your discipline. They make their faces harder than rock and refuse to return.
4 Then I thought to myself, These are the poor who don't know better! They don't understand the LORD's way or the justice of their God.
5 Let me go and speak to the powerful people, for they will surely know the LORD's way and the justice of their God. But they too have broken their yoke and shattered the chains.
6 Therefore, a lion from the forest will attack them; a wolf from the desert will destroy them; a leopard prowling around their towns will tear to pieces anyone venturing out— because of their many crimes and countless acts of unfaithfulness.
7 How can I pardon you? Your children have forsaken me and swear by gods that are not gods. Although I could have satisfied them, they committed adultery, dashing off to the prostitution house.
8 They are lusty stallions roving about, snorting for another's wife.
9 The LORD declares: Shouldn't I confront these acts? Shouldn't I take revenge on such a nation?
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