2 Samuel 22:31-51

31 God! His way is perfect; the LORD's word is tried and true. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.
32 Now really, who is divine except the LORD? And who is a rock except our God?
33 Only God! My mighty fortress, who makes my way perfect,
34 who makes my step as sure as the deer's, who lets me stand securely on the heights,
35 who trains my hands for war so my arms can bend a bronze bow.
36 You've given me the shield of your salvation; your help has made me great.
37 You've let me walk fast and safe, without even twisting an ankle.
38 I chased my enemies and destroyed them! I didn't come home until I finished them off.
39 I ate them up! I struck them down! They couldn't get up; they fell under my feet.
40 You equipped me with strength for war; you brought my adversaries down underneath me.
41 You made my enemies turn tail from me; I destroyed my foes.
42 They looked around, but there was no one to save them. They looked to the LORD, but he wouldn't answer them.
43 I crushed them like dust on the ground; I stomped on them, trampled them like mud dumped in the streets.
44 You delivered me from struggles with many people; you appointed me the leader of many nations. Strangers come to serve me.
45 Foreigners grovel before me; after hearing about me, they obey me.
46 Foreigners lose their nerve; they come trembling out of their fortresses.
47 The LORD lives! Bless God, my rock! Let my God, the rock of my salvation, be lifted high!
48 This is the God who avenges on my behalf, who subdues peoples before me,
49 who rescues me from my enemies. You lifted me high above my adversaries; you delivered me from violent people.
50 That's why I thank you, LORD, in the presence of the nations. That's why I sing praises to your name.
51 You are the one who gives great victories to your king, who shows faithful love to your anointed one— to David and to his descendants forever.
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