15 Doom to those who hide their plan deep, away from the LORD, whose deeds are in the dark, who say, "Who sees us? Who knows us?"
16 You have everything backward! Should the potter be thought of as clay? Should what is made say of its maker, "He didn't make me"? Should what is shaped say of the one who shaped it, "He doesn't understand"?
17 In just a little while won't Lebanon become farmland once again, and the farmland be considered a forest?
18 On that day: The deaf will hear the words of a scroll and, freed from dimness and darkness, the eyes of the blind will see.
19 The poor will again find joy in the LORD, and the neediest of people will rejoice in the holy one of Israel.
20 The tyrant will be no more, the mocker will perish, and all who plot evil will be eliminated:
21 all who incriminate others wrongly, who entrap the judge in the gate, and pointlessly postpone justice for the innocent.
22 Therefore, proclaims the LORD, the God of the house of Jacob, who redeemed Abraham: Jacob won't be ashamed now, and his face won't grow pale now.
23 When he sees his children among them, the work of my hands, proclaiming my name holy, they will make holy the holy one of Jacob, and stand in awe of Israel's God.
24 Those who wander in spirit will have understanding, and those who grumble will gain insight.