Job 32:6-22

Elihu’s justification for speaking

6 Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite said: I'm young and you're old, so I held back, afraid to express my opinion to you.
7 I thought, Let days speak; let multiple years make wisdom known.
8 But the spirit in a person, the Almighty's breath, gives understanding.
9 The advanced in days aren't wise; the old don't understand what's right.
10 Therefore, I say: "Listen to me; I'll state my view, even I."
11 Look, I waited while you spoke, listened while you reasoned, while you searched for words.
12 I was attentive to you, but you offered no rebuke to Job, no answer from you for his words.
13 Be careful you don't say, "We've found wisdom; God, not a person, will defeat him."
14 Now Job hasn't addressed me, and I won't quote you to him.
15 They are troubled, no longer answer; words now escape them.
16 I waited, but they didn't speak, for they stood but answered no more.
17 I will answer. Indeed, I will state my piece; I too will declare my view,
18 for I'm full of words. The spirit in my belly compels me.
19 Look, my belly is like unopened wine; like new wineskins it will burst.
20 I will speak and get relief; I will open my lips and respond.
21 I won't be partial to anyone, won't flatter a person;
22 for I don't know flattery; otherwise my maker would quickly whisk me away.