Jeremiah 23:25-35

25 "I have heard what these prophets prophesying lies in my name are saying: 'I've had a dream! I've had a dream!'
26 How long will this go on? Is [my word] in the hearts of prophets who are prophesying lies, who are prophesying the deceit of their own minds?
27 With their dreams that they keep telling each other, they hope to cause my people to forget my name; just as their ancestors forgot my name when they worshipped Ba'al.
28 "If a prophet has a dream, let him tell it as a dream. But someone who has my word should speak my word faithfully. What do chaff and wheat have in common?" asks ADONAI.
29 "Isn't my word like fire," asks ADONAI, "like a hammer shattering rocks?
30 So, I am against the prophets," says ADONAI, "who steal my words from each other.
31 Yes, I am against the prophets," says ADONAI, "who speak their own words, then add, 'He says.'
32 "I am against those who concoct prophecies out of fake dreams," says ADONAI. "They tell them, and by their lies and arrogance they lead my people astray. I didn't send them, I didn't commission them, and they don't do this people any good at all," says ADONAI.
33 "When [someone from] this people, a prophet or a cohen asks you, 'What is the burden of ADONAI?' you are to answer them, 'What burden? I am throwing you off,' says ADONAI.
34 As for a prophet, cohen or [someone else from] this people who speaks about 'the burden of ADONAI,' I will punish him and his household."
35 So, when you speak with your neighbor or brother, ask, "What answer has ADONAI given?" or "What has ADONAI said?"