Joel 1:15-20

The Day of the Lord

15 Woe because of that day! For the Day of the Lord is near and will come as devastation from the Almighty.a
16 Hasn't the food been cut off before our eyes, joy and gladnessb from the house of our God?
17 The seeds lie shriveled in their casings.c The storehouses are in ruin, and the granaries are broken down, because the grain has withered away.
18 How the animals groan! The herds of cattle wander in confusion since they have no pasture. Even the flocks of sheep suffer punishment.
19 I call to You, Lord, for fire has consumed the pastures of the wilderness, and flames have devoured all the trees of the countryside.
20 Even the wild animals cry out tod You, for the river beds are dried up, and fire has consumed the pastures of the wilderness.
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