20 All the people of Israel left,
21 and everyone who wished to do so brought an offering to the Lord for making the Tent of the Lord's presence. They brought everything needed for use in worship and for making the priestly garments.
22 All who wanted to, both men and women, brought decorative pins, earrings, rings, necklaces, and all kinds of gold jewelry and dedicated them to the Lord.
23 Everyone who had fine linen; blue, purple, or red wool; cloth of goats' hair; rams' skin dyed red; or fine leather, brought it.
24 All who were able to contribute silver or bronze brought their offering for the Lord, and all who had acacia wood which could be used for any of the work brought it.
25 All the skilled women brought fine linen thread and thread of blue, purple, and red wool, which they had made.
26 They also made thread of goats' hair.
27 The leaders brought carnelians and other jewels to be set in the ephod and the breastpiece
28 and spices and oil for the lamps, for the anointing oil, and for the sweet-smelling incense.
29 All the people of Israel who wanted to brought their offering to the Lord for the work which he had commanded Moses to do.