Proverbs 14:22-32

22 You will earn the trust and respect of others if you work for good; if you work for evil, you are making a mistake.
23 Work and you will earn a living; if you sit around talking you will be poor.
24 Wise people are rewarded with wealth, but fools are known by their foolishness.
25 A witness saves lives when he tells the truth; when he tells lies, he betrays people.
26 Reverence for the Lord gives confidence and security to a man and his family.
27 Do you want to avoid death? Reverence for the Lord is a fountain of life.
28 A king's greatness depends on how many people he rules; without them he is nothing.
29 If you stay calm, you are wise, but if you have a hot temper, you only show how stupid you are.
30 Peace of mind makes the body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer.
31 If you oppress poor people, you insult the God who made them; but kindness shown to the poor is an act of worship.
32 Wicked people bring about their own downfall by their evil deeds, but good people are protected by their integrity.
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