1 Maccabees 6:34-44

34 They got the elephants ready for battle by showing them grape juice and mulberry juice.
35 The huge animals were distributed among the infantry units. A thousand men, protected by chain armor and bronze helmets, were stationed with each elephant. Each animal was also accompanied by a special force of 500 cavalry,
36 which always remained with the elephant.
37 A strong, protected wooden platform was securely fastened by a special harness to the back of each elephant. Three soldiers rode on each animal, in addition to the elephant driver.
38 Lysias placed the rest of the cavalry on the two flanks of the army where they could be protected by the infantry while harassing the enemy.
39 The sunlight, reflected off the bronze and gold shields, shone on the mountains and flashed like burning torches.
40 Part of the king's army was spread out over the higher ground of the mountain slopes and part over the lower land, but they all moved forward steadily and in good order.
41 All the people were terrified when they heard the noise made by the clashing of weapons and the marching of that great and powerful army.
42 Judas and his army advanced into battle, and immediately killed 600 of the king's army.
43 When Eleazar Avaran saw that one of the elephants was larger than the others and that it was covered with royal armor, he thought that the king was riding on it.
44 Eleazar sacrificed his life to save his people and to gain eternal fame.
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