2 Esdras 5:49-56

49 The rule that neither a young child nor an old woman can give birth to a baby also applies to the world that I have created."
50 Then I said, "Since you have brought up the subject, may I ask if the world you have been talking about is still young or is it approaching old age?"
51 He replied, "You can learn the answer from any woman who has given birth to several children.
52 Ask her why her younger children do not grow as tall as her older children. 1
53 She will tell you that those born while she was young and healthy are much stronger than those born when she was getting old and becoming weak.
54 You will notice that you are smaller than people of earlier generations;
55 those who come later will be smaller still. This shows you that creation is already getting old and losing the strength of her youth."
56 "If you please, Lord," I asked, "will you show me the one through whom you will bring judgment on your creation?"