2 Esdras 7:36-46

36 The pit of torment, the fires of hell, will appear, and opposite them the Paradise of joy and rest. 1
37 "Then God Most High will say to the nations that have been raised from the dead, "Look! I am the one whom you have denied and refused to serve; it is my commands that you have rejected.
38 Look around you; there is joy and peace in one direction, fire and torment in the other.' That's what he will say to them on Judgment Day.
39 "On Judgment Day there will be no sun, moon, or stars;
40 no cloud, thunder, or lightning; no wind, water, or air; no darkness, evening, or morning;
41 no summer, spring, or winter; no heat, frost, or cold; no hail, rain, or dew;
42 no noon, night, or dawn; no daylight, brightness, or light. The only light will be the dazzling brightness of God Most High, making it possible for everyone to see.
43 The judgment will last seven years.
44 That's the arrangement I have made for Judgment Day, but I have revealed these things only to you."
45 Then I said, "Lord, I repeat what I said earlier: How fortunate are the people who can live now and obey your commands!
46 But what about those for whom I have been praying? There is no one in the present generation who has not sinned, no one who has not broken your covenant.