60 It's the same with the judgment that I have promised: I will be pleased with the few who will be saved, because they are the ones who now praise and honor me and make my name known.
61 I will not be sad about the large number of people who will be lost, because even now they last no longer than a vapor; they disappear like fire and smoke; they catch fire, blaze up, and quickly go out."
62 Then I said to the earth, "Look at what you have done! When you gave birth to the rest of creation you gave birth to reason.
63 It would have been better if you had never been created. Then we humans would never have had the power of reasoning!
64 But as it is now, our reason grows up with us and then torments us, because we realize that we are going to die!
65 Compared to us who must bear this sorrow, the dumb animals must be happy.
66 They are much better off than we are. They do not have to look forward to the judgment; they are not aware of any torment or salvation that is promised to them after death.
67 What good is it to us that we are going to be given life in the future if it is to be a life of terrible torment?
68 Everyone who is born is caught in the web of sin, is full of wickedness and burdened with guilt.
69 I think it would be better if after death we did not have to face judgment."
70 The angel replied, "When God Most High was creating the world, as well as Adam and his descendants, the first thing he did was to get everything ready for the judgment.