2 Maccabees 3:34-39

34 Remember that it was the Lord of heaven who punished you. Now go and tell everyone of his great power." When they had said this, they disappeared.
35 So Heliodorus offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made many promises, because the Lord had spared his life. Then he said good-bye to Onias and returned with his army to the king.
36 There he told everyone what the Lord, the most powerful of all gods, had done.
37 When the king asked Heliodorus who would be the best man to send on the next mission to Jerusalem, Heliodorus replied,
38 "If you have an enemy or know of someone plotting against your government, send him. He will come back badly beaten, if he comes back at all, for some strange power from God is at work there.
39 The God of heaven watches over the Temple; he strikes down and destroys anyone who comes to harm it."