Additions to Esther 4:46-56

46 Since I came here, the only thing that has brought me joy is my worship of you, Lord God of Abraham.
47 "Almighty God, listen to the prayer of your people. Rescue us from these evildoers, and take away my fear."
48 Queen Esther prayed for three days. Then she took off the clothes she had been wearing and put on her splendid robes again.
49 In all her royal splendor, she prayed again to her God and savior, who sees everything. Walking like a queen, she left her room accompanied by two servant women, one of them escorting her by the arm and
51 the other holding up the train of her robe.
52 Queen Esther's face was radiantly beautiful. She looked as cheerful as she was lovely, but in her heart she was terror-stricken.
53 She passed through all the doors and entered the throne room, where she stood before the king. He was seated on his royal throne, dressed in his glorious robes, which were covered with gold and precious jewels. It was an awe-inspiring sight.
54 His face glowed with splendor, but when he saw Esther, he stared at her with fierce anger. She grew weak and turned pale; she almost fainted and had to lean her head on her attendant's shoulder.
55 But God changed the king's anger into tender concern. He quickly rose from his throne and took her in his arms until she was able to stand. He calmed her with comforting words.
56 "What is it, Esther?" he said to her. "I am your husband. There's no need to be afraid.