Ben Sira 1:8-18

8 There is only one who is wise, and we must stand in awe before his throne.
9 The Lord himself created Wisdom; 1 he saw her and recognized her value, and so he filled everything he made with Wisdom.
10 He gave some measure of Wisdom to everyone, but poured her out on those who love him.
11 If you fear the Lord, honor and pride will be yours; you will be crowned with happiness and joy.
12 To honor the Lord is a heartfelt delight; it will give you a long and happy life,
13 and at the end of your days all will go well for you. God will bless you on the day of your death.
14 To fear the Lord is the first step to Wisdom. Wisdom is given to the faithful in their mothers' wombs.
15 She has lived with us from ancient times, and generations to come will rely on her.
16 To fear the Lord is Wisdom at her fullest; she satisfies us completely with her gifts
17 and fills our homes and our barns 2 with all that our hearts can desire.
18 To fear the Lord is the flower of Wisdom that blossoms with peace and good health.
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