Ben Sira 25:1-7

1 There are three things in which I take special delight - things that are beautiful to the Lord and people alike: brothers who get along with each other, neighbors who are friends, <+->and a married couple who are happy together.
2 There are three kinds of people I cannot stand, whose behavior I find highly offensive: poor people who are arrogant, rich people who lie, <+->and foolish old men who commit adultery.
3 Unless you learn what you can while you are young, you will never be wise when you reach old age.
4 Sound judgment, good advice, and gray hair go together beautifully.
5 Wisdom, understanding, and sound counsel are appropriate to the aged and the respected.
6 Elderly people wear the crown of long experience, and they can boast of nothing finer than their fear of the Lord.
7 I will tell you about ten kinds of people that I feel fortunate to know, especially fortunate in the case of the tenth: someone who takes pride in his children, someone who lives to see his enemies fall, 8 a man fortunate enough to have an understanding wife, a married couple who are well-matched, a person who never speaks sinfully, a person who doesn't have to work for someone less competent than himself, 9 someone fortunate enough to have a real friend, a person that people are happy to listen to, 10 and the really great one: someone who is wise. But the greatest one of all is the person who fears the Lord.