Ben Sira 9:2-12

2 Do not surrender your dignity to any woman.
3 Keep away from other men's wives or they will trap you.
4 Don't keep company with female musicians; they will trick you.
5 Don't look too intently at a virgin, or you may find yourself forced to pay a bride price.
6 Don't give yourself to prostitutes, or you may lose everything you own.
7 So don't go looking about in the streets or wandering around in the run-down parts of town.
8 When you see a good-looking woman, look the other way; don't let your mind dwell on the beauty of any woman who is not your wife. Many men have been led astray by a woman's beauty. It kindles passion as if it were fire.
9 Don't sit down to eat with another man's wife or join her for a drink. You may give in to the temptation of her charms and be destroyed by your passion.
10 Never abandon old friends; you will never find a new one who can take their place. Friendship is like wine; it gets better as it grows older.
11 Don't be jealous of a sinner's success; you don't know what kind of disaster is in store for him.
12 Don't take pleasure in the things that make ungodly people happy; remember that they will be held guilty as long as they live.