Ezekiel 6:1-8

1 The Lord spoke to me.
2 "Mortal man," he said, "look toward the mountains of Israel and give them my message.
3 Tell the mountains of Israel to hear the Sovereign Lord's word - to hear what I, the Sovereign Lord, am telling the mountains, the hills, the gorges, and the valleys: I will send a sword to destroy the places where people worship idols.
4 The altars will be torn down and the incense altars broken. All the people there will be killed in front of their idols.
5 I will scatter the corpses of the people of Israel; I will scatter their bones all around the altars.
6 All the cities of Israel will be destroyed, so that all their altars and their idols will be smashed to pieces, their incense altars will be shattered, and everything they made will disappear.
7 People will be killed everywhere, and those who survive will acknowledge that I am the Lord.
8 "I will let some escape the slaughter and be scattered among the nations,