Isaiah 19:7-17

7 and all the crops planted along the banks of the Nile will dry up and be blown away.
8 Everyone who earns a living by fishing in the Nile will groan and cry; their hooks and their nets will be useless.
9 Those who make linen cloth will be in despair;
10 weavers and skilled workers will be broken and depressed.
11 The leaders of the city of Zoan are fools! Egypt's wisest people give stupid advice! How do they dare to tell the king that they are successors to the ancient scholars and kings?
12 King of Egypt, where are those clever advisers of yours? Perhaps they can tell you what plans the Lord Almighty has for Egypt.
13 The leaders of Zoan and Memphis are fools. They were supposed to lead the nation, but they have misled it.
14 The Lord has made them give confusing advice. As a result, Egypt does everything wrong and staggers like a drunk slipping on his own vomit.
15 No one in Egypt, rich or poor, important or unknown, can offer help.
16 A time is coming when the people of Egypt will be as timid as women. They will tremble in terror when they see that the Lord Almighty has stretched out his hand to punish them.
17 The people of Egypt will be terrified of Judah every time they are reminded of the fate that the Lord Almighty has prepared for them.