Jeremiah 48:15-25

15 Moab and its cities are destroyed; its finest young men have been slaughtered. I am the king, the Lord Almighty, and I have spoken.
16 Moab's doom approaches; its ruin is coming soon.
17 "Mourn for that nation, you that live nearby, all of you that know its fame. Say, "Its powerful rule has been broken; its glory and might are no more.'
18 You that live in Dibon, come down from your place of honor and sit on the ground in the dust; Moab's destroyer is here and has left its forts in ruins.
19 You that live in Aroer, stand by the road and wait; ask those who are running away, find out from them what has happened.
20 "Moab has fallen,' they will answer, "weep for it; it is disgraced. Announce along the Arnon River that Moab is destroyed!'
21 "Judgment has come on the cities of the plateau: on Holon, Jahzah, Mephaath,
22 Dibon, Nebo, Beth Diblathaim,
23 Kiriathaim, Bethgamul, Bethmeon,
24 Kerioth, and Bozrah. Judgment has come on all the cities of Moab, far and near.
25 Moab's might has been crushed; its power has been destroyed. I, the Lord, have spoken."