Job 38:27-37

27 Who waters the dry and thirsty land, so that grass springs up?
28 Does either the rain or the dew have a father?
29 Who is the mother of the ice and the frost,
30 which turn the waters to stone and freeze the face of the sea?
31 Can you tie the Pleiades together 1 or loosen the bonds that hold Orion?
32 Can you guide the stars season by season and direct the Big and the Little Dipper?
33 Do you know the laws that govern the skies, and can you make them apply to the earth?
34 Can you shout orders to the clouds and make them drench you with rain?
35 And if you command the lightning to flash, will it come to you and say, "At your service"?
36 Who tells the ibis when the Nile will flood, or who tells the rooster that rain will fall?
37 Who is wise enough to count the clouds and tilt them over to pour out the rain,
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