Judith 14:11-19

11 The next morning the Israelites hung the head of Holofernes on the wall of the town. All of them took up their weapons and went out in companies to the slopes in front of the town.
12 When the Assyrians saw what was happening, they sent word to their officers, and these reported the matter to their superiors.
13 These men then went to Holofernes' tent and said to Bagoas, "Wake up the general! Those worthless Israelites have dared to come down from the mountain to attack us; they are just asking to be destroyed."
14 Bagoas went in and clapped his hands in front of the sleeping quarters of the tent, thinking that Holofernes was in bed with Judith.
15 When there was no answer, he drew the curtain aside and went in, and there he found the headless body sprawled over a footstool.
16 Bagoas let out a yell. He screamed, tore his clothes, and started groaning and weeping.
17 He went into the tent where Judith had stayed, but of course he did not find her. He rushed out and shouted to the officers,
18 "They have tricked us! One Israelite woman has disgraced Nebuchadnezzar's whole kingdom. Look in there! Holofernes is lying dead on the ground and his head is gone!"
19 When the officers heard this, they tore their clothes in grief; and as the panic spread, wild cries and shouts were heard throughout the camp.