Judith 16:17-24

17 The nations who rise up against my people are doomed. The Lord Almighty will punish them on Judgment Day. He will send fire and worms to devour their bodies, and they will weep in pain forever."
18 When the people arrived in Jerusalem, they purified themselves and worshiped God. They presented their burnt offerings, freewill offerings, and gifts.
19 Judith dedicated to God all of Holofernes' property, which the people had given to her. And as a special offering in fulfillment of a vow, she presented to the Lord the mosquito net which she had taken from Holofernes' bed.
20 For three months the people continued to celebrate in front of the Temple in Jerusalem, and Judith stayed there with them.
21 When the celebrations had ended, everyone returned home, and Judith went back to Bethulia to live on her own estate. For the rest of her life she was famous throughout the land of Israel.
22 Many men wanted to marry her, but she never remarried after the death of her husband Manasseh.
23 Her fame continued to spread, and she lived in the house her husband had left her. Before she died, Judith divided her property among her husband's and her own close relatives and set her slave woman free. When she died in Bethulia at the age of 105, she was buried beside her husband, and the people of Israel mourned her death for seven days.