Letter of Jeremiah 1:19-29

19 The priests light lamps for the gods, far more than they need for their own use, but the idols can't see even one of them.
20 Their insides are eaten away by termites, just like the wooden beams of the temple, and their clothing is destroyed, but they don't even know it.
21 Their faces are blackened by the smoke in the temple.
22 Bats, swallows, and other birds perch on them, and even cats sit on them.
23 All of this proves that they are not gods - do not worship them.
24 These idols have been plated with gold to make them beautiful, but they do not shine unless someone polishes them. When they were being poured into molds, they felt nothing.
25 It makes no difference how high a price is paid for them; they are still unable to breathe.
26 See how useless they are! They can't walk on their own feet, but must be carried around.
27 Even those who take care of them are embarrassed when one of their gods falls to the ground and has to be picked up again. When someone stands one of them in a certain place, it cannot move, and if it is leaning over, it can never straighten itself up. Offering gifts to them is like giving gifts to a corpse.
28 Priests sell what is sacrificed to their gods and use the money on themselves. And the wives of the priests preserve the sacrifices with salt for later use, instead of sharing them with the poor and helpless.
29 Even women who are having their monthly period or women who have just given birth are allowed to touch the sacrifices. All of this proves that they are not gods - do not worship them.